Now then Muppets, continuing the theme of “Where is Ken” let’s do a one word crossword, but not cross of course.

Answers please by our next open meeting on the 8th July.

Where was Ken between the 25th and the 28th June 2015.

Eight Letters (Could be up or down and even across)

Might be in the Land of his Fathers.

Trustee David thought the idea had “some merit”

It has an Office and brochures and leaflets.

People can stand on a raised area and wave to people arriving.

Vehicles can park and you could visit me when I am there.

Some people mistake it for the scene of a major memorable disaster involving black stuff.

The name is the same as the village.

1967 is significant in a touring sense and it’s origins are published.

Snooper’s take you to it the safe way.

Once upon a time you could start at Nxxxxx.

What does it have in common with Henllan?

A canal system from Nxxxx might be a significant clue.


K.E. J 1st July 2015